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Why have a Doula?

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Why have a doula? The benefits of having a doula are innumerable. In some first world countries, having a doula has become indispensable because they understand the importance of the doula’s role during prenatal, delivery, and postpartum. Many studies have proven the benefits of having a doula. I will list them in the topics below:

  • 25% reduction in the duration of labor;
  • 40% reduction in the use of oxytocin;
  • 30% reduction in the use of epidural;
  • 50% reduction in the rate of cesarean sections;
  • 40% reduction in the use of forceps;
  • 60% reduction in requests for epidural analgesia;
  • Best Apgar score of 5 minutes;
  • Better satisfaction with the delivery experience;
  • Lower incidence of postpartum depression;

These are just a few benefits and are more related to Vaginal Delivery. In another post, I will talk more about the benefits of having a Doula in Cesarean Delivery.



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