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Doula Services Premium Plan

Care services for pregnant women from prepartum to postpartum

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Premium Plan

  • Complimentary consultation by video conference
  • Pregnancy group meetings for couples
  • Perinatal Education Course by video conference
  • WhatsApp Forum for pregnant women
  • Mother's Blessings
  • Followup by a Doula
  • Obstetric nursing services
  • Breastfeeding support


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What am I contracting?

Complimentary consultation by video conference

Establish an interpersonal connection between the pregnant mother and the doula.

What am I contracting?

Pregnancy group meetings for couples

Whether by video-conference or in-person, we will hold classes in our group meetings to revisit parts of our course. We usually review the main points.

What am I contracting?

Mother's Blessing and
Pregnancy Farewell

Mother’s Blessing ceremonies provide moments of relaxation through various activities such as body art sessions, herbal footbaths, and massages. These activities serve to induce the production of oxytocin – the so-called love molecule – as well as relaxin, both hormones that aid the labor process and encourage bonding among the family, friends, and the doula.

What am I contracting?

by a Doula

Sejam por videoconferência, sejam presenciais, relembraremos parte do nosso curso por aulas que repassaremos nas rodas. Normalmente repassamos as partes principais!


What am I contracting?

Breastfeeding consultancy

The primary objective is to teach the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits for both mother and baby

What am I contracting?

Obstetric Nursing services

The assistance provided by obstetric nursing is a vital solution to the challenges of providing high-quality maternal and neonatal care to all women and newborns in all countries.

What am I contracting?

WhatsApp Forum for pregnant women

We will secure access for pregnant women in our care to participate in our WhatsApp groups, where we will suggest books on preparation for motherhood and childbirth.

What am I contracting?

Perinatal Education Course by video conference

The perinatal education course for pregnant women seeks to impart technical-scientific, psychological, physiological, and emotional knowledge to pregnant women who wish to understand more about pregnancy and maternity.

Course Content

Analgesia during Labor
Positions for Childbirth
Lacerations x Episiotomy
Non-Pharmacological Pain
Relief Methods
Poop and Natural Delivery
Gestation after 41 Weeks and its Interventions
Hormones during Labor
Obstetric Violence
The Importance of Doulas
Delivery Plan

Interventions and Inductions (Cardiotocography, Detachment, Digital Examination, Water Breaking, etc.)
The Importance of the Mother’s Blessing
Baby Care
72hs Reservation
Infant Stomach Size
Neonatal Jaundice

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