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Postpartum Depression

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During the perinatal period (pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum), women undergo significant physiological and hormonal alterations, physical bodily transformations, as well as social and psychological changes. All these transformations that occur during the pregnancy-puerperal period, make women more vulnerable to developing Postpartum Depression, also known as maternal depression, puerperal depression, or natal depression.

As we know, it is not at all easy to deal with all the changes and difficulties that motherhood brings. It is important to analyze, even during pregnancy, whether there are risk factors that make women more predisposed to experiencing postpartum depression. Some risk factors include stressful events, a history of psychopathology, depression, or anxiety during pregnancy, inadequate social support, and little exploration regarding the link between the experience of childbirth and postpartum depression.

The doula can help identify (these signs?) through the indications that the woman expresses, then better guide her and seek support from the mother’s family. Recognizing postpartum depression is crucial, as it is an illness that requires treatment.



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