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Breastfeeding Consultants and their importance

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What is a Breastfeeding Consultant?

She is a professional whose main objective is to facilitate the breastfeeding process for both the mother and her baby. Therefore, the consultant plays a supportive role for the woman, aiming to guide her in the best possible way so that she can breastfeed successfully.

Recent studies estimate that 80% of women experience some difficulty during breastfeeding. In this context, the demand for specialized assistance has been increasing in recent years by future mothers. Therefore, breastfeeding consultancy is a field that is also steadily growing.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have medical health training to enter the profession; it is only necessary to commit to welcoming and preparing other women to undergo the breastfeeding process more smoothly. It is a vocation that requires study, dedication, and preparation; after all, it deals with the health of mothers and babies.

What are the functions of a Breastfeeding Consultant?

A trained consultant offers the mother the following support:

Informative: to transmit diverse knowledge about breast milk and its composition; the benefits and importance of breastfeeding; better ways to breastfeed the baby; among others. **

Educational: to properly teach mothers about the breastfeeding process and everything it involves, as well as the main issues that may arise. **

Emotional/psychological: to prepare the woman’s emotions at that difficult and delicate moment. The consultant listens to the mother’s feelings, expectations, and desires, working to ensure breastfeeding success. **

Physiological: to explain the adaptations and changes in the body due to the lactation process, as well as the complications that may arise. **

Thus, the professional accompanies the mother since early pregnancy, clarifying the essential questions and preparing her for breastfeeding in the postpartum period. All their work is based on scientific evidence from the main health agencies (references?), and it is recommended for women who wish to breastfeed their child in the best possible way.

How can I become a Breastfeeding Consultant?

To get more women to enter this profession, [Doula Brasil] has prepared a breastfeeding training course. Our didactics are geared towards teaching the physiological and emotional aspects of lactation, in addition to promoting discussions about the main difficulties, myths, and practices related to the management of breastfeeding.

We are committed to train qualified consultants who can then educate and inform mothers in the most correct and satisfactory way possible. Our approach is based on online classes, collective debate, case discussions, and practical demonstrations. Check out [our packages] and [topics covered during the course]. Come and be part of the Doula Brasil consulting team!



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